• Between the worlds...


    A crystal clear Sierra pool, granite, sun, and shade... Cool and refreshing.

  • The Cabellaro Oak

    The Cabellaro Oak

    Mysterious and haunting in it's ageless beauty.

  • The Slot Canyons

    The Canyons are incredible. Visually rich with unbelievable shifts of light and texture - a delight around every bend.

  • Chitzen Itza

    Mayan Serpents

    The solstice isn't the only time the serpents are alive, but you do have to see them in just the right light.

Recent Work


Feature 1

Photography has been one of my passions for nearly as long as I can remember. A lens to look at my world in new and different ways.

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Graphic Design

Feature 2

I am also passionate about graphic design. Visual problem solving with an aesthetic toolkit is enthralling and incredibly exciting.

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Web Design

Feature 3

Web Design gives me an infinite playing field on which to exercise my passions. Technically challenging, but with immediate satisfaction.

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